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Next Dance Party: It’s the King & Queen card Dance Mixer This Friday Nite


Quote of the Week

There is a woman at the beginning of all great things.


It's the chance to make new Friends to start the year off with!

This week Glass City Singles is bring back to the singles dance the King and Queen's card Mixer. This fun packed adventure makes it smooth and easy to talk to lots of new single people. Here is just want makes that happen.

The guys get the blue face card and ladies receive the red one. All it takes to get into the drawing to win one of the night prizes is for the ladies to find a guy with a blue face card of the same suite and the guys fining red face card. The more matches you find the more fun you'll have and better the chances of winning.

Now here's our First of the year special for the Guys this week. All Guys wearing total White shirt will get this bargain, of one dollar off the admission before 830pm. Now don't, don't let this night go by it could be a good luck changer.

Enhance your chances by coming in early. So I'm personally inviting you out to Holland Garden, from 8pm till Midnight at 6530 Angola Rd., Holland, OH. Where you will always find a good crowd, because it's the place where singles come to meet. The cost is $8.00.

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We are expanding Jan's Phrase

   We are expanding Jan's Phrase, you will still get the dollar off by repeating it and arriving before 830pm. Here's what we are chancing, to make it even better. Everyone that recites the phrase, will be entered into a special drawing.

Each week you will received a ticket to put your name and membership number on, for an opportunity to win the cash prize of $60.00 at the first drawing being held on Friday March 6th. Each week we will be adding $20.00 in a progressive drawing. Any week we do not have a winner, the cash prize grows till it's won.

Your phrase tickets will keep accumulating each week for better chances to win. When we have a winner we start back at $20.00 and so on. 


Belinda will be in with a fresh new Dance Step This Friday Night

Join Belinda at 7:30 pm this Friday Night, for a COMPLIMENTARY dance lesson. As always, she will teach a dance that can be done with a partner, or individually.

This time the dance she will teach is 16 Steps, which can be done to several different songs. Join Belinda and learn this dance, so you can dance when you are at other venues.

If you want to review any of the dances taught before, show up at 7:20 pm for a quick review before the lesson begins.


If you haven't been to Holland Gardens before.

   Here's some of the reason to attend the dance at Holland Gardens. You will be able to enjoy, Out front well Lite complimentary parking, an upscale large ballroom, a large Hardwood dance floor, Complimentary snacks, super good Bose sound system, cash bar, all included in the $8.00 price.

How to get your $8.00 admission returned

   We would like a chance to reward you with Free dance admission. Here's how you do it. Bring in someone you know that not a member and have them join for the first time, bingo you got it. Jan the cashier will refund your $8.00 admission fee.

Kathy is inviting you to join her on February 12th at La Scola Italian, 5375 Airport Hwy

   Be sure to join Kathy and her Dinning Group as they meet on the second and fourth Thursday of each month from 7pm till 9pm. It's an open to public event, no Reservation are required! 


Enjoyed food, service, atmosphere and the Spinoni desert! We especially enjoyed the peaceful, intimate feel, such a pleasant contrast to so many restaurants. Good wine selection. Enjoy!

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Cupid Dance a Valentine's Day Celebration

   We are very exciting about the fun dance party coming on Friday February 13th. It's this year's Valentine's Day Celebration. It always turns out to be a big crowded fun event with 200 singles and more. This year we are hosting a "Lock & Key Mixer".

You're in for a treat - Valentine's Day parties are a fantastic opportunity to make new friends, meet new people, because Valentine's Day is considered one of the most romance nights of the year.

To help you get into a real sweet mood, Jan will be handing out bags of chocolate Kisses. Who knows, you could meet someone special by taking part in our snow ball and circle dance mixers, or the many ladies and Men's choices.

Guys, be sure come in enjoy all the ladies dressed in Valentine Red, any ladies dressed in red will receive a dollar of the admission price till 830pm. This is a great night for you join us, in dance the night away to top 40 music and your favorites spun by your two professional DJ'S.

This is going to be a wonderful night to remember and it starts at 8pm and last till Midnight, hosted at Holland Gardens, 6530 Angola Rd., Holland, OH, where you will always find a good crowd, because it's the place where singles come to meet.

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Save a Dollar with Jan's Phrase, this new Phrase is the only one we will Accept
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   The phrase is only good till 830pm. Glass City Singles is going to be putting Phrases in random EMAILS, be sure to check back for Jan's future phrases.  


Thanks for keeping the dance parties a fun place to be for everyone and we'll see you at Holland Gardens on Friday January 30th, to Welcome To the Beginning of whole New Year.

The staff and I, Would like to Welcome you back on Friday night January 30th at Holland Gardens.