The Next Dance Party is our Rodeo Cowboy Night
On Friday Night Oct. 14th - 8pm until Midnight.
HEE-HAW!! Is the sound of a Rodeo Cowboy night

HEE-HAW!! Is the sound of a Rodeo Cowboy night coming up on Friday October 14th, 2016? Come in early and join Belinda for the Compementary Dance lesson at 730pm till 8pm.

Every time we have a Rodeo Cowboy night we always draw a great Crowd. Save some money by arriving before 830pm wearing at western hat. Each person wearing a western hat will get a dollar off the admission price. (Limit 20)

It all happens from 8pm till Midnight at Holland Gardens, 6530 Angola Rd., Holland, OH. Where you will always find a good crowd, because it's the place where single people come to meet. (200 expected)

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Do you know someone who has never been to our dance parties?? Now is a great time to introduce them to our parties and reward yourself too!!

For each new member you bring to our dance parties between July 22 and October 14th, you will receive a Special "Thank You" Gift Certificate!

Additionally, if your friend(s) return using their Special "New Member" Gift Certificate, your membership# will be entered into our Referral $$ Cash $$ Drawing to be held at the Oct 14 dance party!

The more friends you bring in and return, the more entries you will have in the Oct 14 Referral $$ Cash $$ Drawing!!  


Join Belinda on Friday Night Oct. 14th for a COMPLEMENTARY dance lesson. 

Since this is Rodeo Cowboy night, Belinda will be teaching Dancing Cowboys. This dance involves marching eight steps in each section. Plus, each gentleman will be holding hands with TWO cowgirls during the dance. So guys, Belinda needs YOU to dance with all these women.

Join her on the floor at 7:30 pm for this Compementary lesson.

Come out and enjoy a night of dancing at
Holland Garden you will really like it.

Here's some of the reason for attending the dance at Holland Gardens 6530 Angola Rd., Holland, OH. You will be able to enjoy, Out front well Lite complimentary parking, an upscale large ballroom, a large Hardwood dance floor, Complimentary snacks, super good Bose sound system, cash bar, all included in the $8.00 price.

Dinning out is a real fun time, Meeting with other single People, On Thursday, October 13, 2016, Red Lobster, 1422 Reynolds Rd.

Why eat ALONE, Hello this is Kathy and I’m inviting you out to meet with lots of other single people to create Friendship with, as they meet on the second and fourth Thursday of each month from 7pm until 9pm. It's an open to public event, No Reservation are required!


Everybody is always asking me, "Alan, who has the best biscuits?" And I tell them the same thing every time. I tell them, Red Lobster biscuits are the best. Nobody has better biscuits than them, everybody knows this, and everybody loves their biscuits.

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This is a singles people blast every year!

Hay, Hay! On October 30th, it’s a super Exciting Halloween Spooktacular. The Costume Judging will take place at 930 pm, each winner will receive one of the many prizes totaling nearly $300.00.

Be a Spooktacular person join us where you can start your haunting at 8pm and the haunting fun doesn't end until Midnight.

We have the prizes, music, party plans, location, decorations, snacks the Judges have their marking pins, ready to pick the winners. You can't be one of our winners if you not there, so all we need is YOU!

Be sure to join the dance party with nearly 300 tricksters, at Holland Garden's 6530 Angola Rd., Holland, Ohio. Where you will always find a good Crowd, because it's the place where singles people come to meet. The cost is only $10.00. (Costumes optional)

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We hope you can join us on Friday Night Oct. 14
from 8pm - Midnight. Your Dance Party Hosts!
Jan, JP, Roxie, Georgetta and Jack.
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