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Next Dance Party: It's the Hawaiian Luau Celebration March 6th, 2015


Quote of the Week

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do."


Glass City Singles has a Hawaiian Luau Celebration planned on the great Hardwood dance floor

You can always plan on the Hawaiian Luau beach dance party to be an exciting and colorful night. Jan will be decorating Holland Gardens in Palm Trees, Coconuts and Beach Balls.

The guys will be dressing to impressing the ladies by wearing their wildest, most romantic and colorful Hawaiian Tropical Shirt, for a one dollar discount at the door till 830 pm.

Oh what night this is going to be, you can start your night off early by taking the complimentary dance lesson instructed by Belinda in the Mambo Shuffle from 730pm till 8pm. For all of those that came in early and repeated the phrase and received a drawing ticket, you will have an opportunity to win the $60.00, being raffled off at the 913pm break, everyone else will have a chance to win either the cash or one of the discount Gift Certificate.

Also you will have a chance to win a free admission Gift Certificate being offered by spinning the Hula Hoop the longest. Just by arriving early you will have a winning chance to receive free admission by taking part in Jan Russia roulette ticket match, she will be marking a ticket from 1 to 50 with a black marker, if that ticket comes up when you come in you're a winner.

Be a friendship winner by take part in our two speed dating events the snow ball and circle dance mixers. All in All this could be a very winning night from 8pm till the fun runs out at Midnight. The place to be is at Holland Garden, 6530 Angola Rd., Holland, OH. Where you will always find a good crowd, because it's the place where singles come to meet.

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  The holiday Memorial Day Dance party weekend GRAND GIVE AWAY this year is hundred fifty dollars in lucky Buck's Night. Starting at the St. Patrick's Day dance Jan will be handing out extra tickets for you to write down your name and membership number on to be enter in the raffle for the $150.00 to be given away at the Memorial Day Dance Party.


Belinda Is Back this Friday night

Join Belinda for a COMPLIMENTARY dance lesson. This time the dance will be Mambo Shuffle. This dance forms two lines across the floor, so everyone can participate. Belinda will teach from 7:30pm to 8pm. Be sure to join her on the dance floor for this easy, fun dance.

If you haven't been to Holland Gardens before.

   Here's some of the reason to attend the dance at Holland Gardens. You will be able to enjoy, Out front well Lite complimentary parking, an upscale large ballroom, a large Hardwood dance floor, Complimentary snacks, super good Bose sound system, cash bar, all included in the $8.00 price.



Kathy is inviting you to join her on Thursday, March 12th, at Burger Bar 419, 5215 Monroe St.

   Be sure to join Kathy and her Dinning Group as they meet on the second and fourth Thursday of each month from 7pm till 9pm. It's an open to public event, no Reservation are required! 


I have probably been to this location 25 times or more. Going today actually. Love the patio. The servers are always super friendly and helpful. I have never had anything bad here. I have had things I like better than others, but that's normal. I am currently a huge fan of the mussels. Plenty of mussels in the shell with sausage and good bread to sop up all the delicious broth. Perfect light lunch.

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Saint Patrick's Day for a golden Time

 This is a golden opportunity to strike-up some golden friendships, for what we might say a golden good time. When is this all happening, Friday March 20th, from 8pm till Mid., where at Holland Gardens?

There will be door Prizes, free munchies, free parking, free water and a cash bar. Some of the other things you will find is Green cake, your music specialist JP will be spinning your favorite dance mixes both fast and slow.

This would be an ideal time to bring in one of your friends and have them sign up as first time guest and you will be rewarded with a discount Gift Certificate. The special of the night is, Repeat Jan's Phrase and she will give you a dollar discount till 830pm.

Your singles Friday night Dance and party is being hosted at Holland Garden, 6530 Angola Rd., Holland, OH. Where you will always find a good crowd, because it's the place where singles come to meet.

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Save a Dollar with Jan's Phrase
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   The phrase is only good till 830pm. Glass City Singles is going to be putting Phrases in random EMAILS, so be sure to check back for Jan's future phrases.  


Thanks for keeping the dance parties a fun place to be for everyone and we'll see you at Holland Gardens on Friday March 6th Hawaiian Luau Celebration

The staff and I, Would like to Welcome you back on Friday night March 6th at Holland Gardens.