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Next Dance Party: Is our 70's & 80's Friday Night Celebration Aug. 15th



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Poodle and White Sports Coat,
70's & 80's Celebration

For the ladies it's a Poodle skirt or Bun Hair –Do, for the guy's it's a pair of White Buck or the Elvis look, because on Friday August 15th we are rolling back the clock to the 70's and 80's for a night of great Reflection. (Dressing for the party theme is optional)

Ladies wearing a poodle skirt or guy’s wearing white sport coat will receive a dollar off till 830pm. You be able to come out and Kick up your heels to a little more classic rook and disco.

Arrive early and join Belinda's for her free Dance class at 730pm till 8pm, then from 8pm till Midnight night it's going be a blast as you move your feet to the beat of good party music. It's a place where you can make lots of friendships in the circle and snow ball dance mixers, along with ladies and guy's choices.

You will find it a place where ladies can come as a group or alone and feel safe. So don't miss-out, this could be the night where you could be the winner in the raffle at 913pm of some cash or discount coupons.

At Holland Garden, 6530 Angola Rd., Holland, OH. Where there's always a good Crowd, because it's the place where singles come to meet.


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It's a Super Winning Night

It's coming, IT'S COMING, the Labor Day Fall Singles Jamboree on Sunday August 31st, 7pm till Midnight. Great Prizes, with some more HAPPIER BUCKS and Discount coupons for a real winning night! 

Belinda is teaching on August 15th

Belinda will be instructing at the August 15th dance party. Details fourth coming.


four people receive FREE admission at the last dance. We like to reward our members that bring in their Friends and have them sign up for the first time, as a Glass City Singles members. Each time that you bring someone in and they sign up, for the first time, you will receive FREE ADMISSION for the night.

Join Kathy dining group, meets on Thursday August 14th
at Chowders N Moor, 312 South St., Waterville

We had a super large turn-out at Rosie's Italian Grille on July 24th and everyone was talking about coming to Chowders N Moor, on August 14th. So join the Singles Group at 7pm till 9pm. Kathy Singles Group meets on the Second and Fourth Thursday of each month. It's an open to public event, no reservation are required.


What a fun place to take your friends to. We did....and, yes, we did have a great time. The food was wonderful, the waitress was great, the other diners were friendly and obviously having fun too. So why not try it the next time you are in Waterville.

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It's the Fall's Singles Jamboree

This year the fall Singles Jamboree celebrated is on Sunday August 31st Labor Day weekend. As we close out the summer and head into fall and all the fun party events start and they last all the way into December. So this dance party is one not to miss.

The super large crowd of people that always attends the holiday evens allows you the perfect opportunity make some good friends to spend them with. We make it easy through our speed dating events the circle and snow ball dance mixers, plus the ladies and guy's choices.

Who knows you could be the winner of one of the prizes to be given away including some of the more Happier Bucks. The Staff and I would like thank you for 33 year of support, which has helped us to provide a warm and safe place for everyone to meet, to celebrate we will be cutting up a cake together.

So come out and Help us celebrate our 33rd. This year it all happens on Sunday night August 31st, from 7 pm till Midnight, at Holland Gardens, 6530 Angola Rd., Holland, OH. Where singles come to meet and there's always a good crowd.

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Thanks for keeping the dance parties a fun place to be for everyone and we'll see you at Holland Gardens on Friday August 15th and help celebrate the 70's & 80's night.

The staff and I, Would like to Welcome you all back on Friday August 31th at Holland Gardens.