Next Dance Party: is Our Pre New Year's Even Celebration Dec. 26th.


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Some people ask the secret of our long marriage. We take time to go to a restaurant two times a week. A little candlelight, dinner, soft music and dancing. She goes Tuesdays, I go Fridays.


Celebrating the end of 2014 and beginning of 2015 this Friday Night

How you would like meet with lots of singles people and to be able to enjoy a wonderful, colorful and warm night of entertainment. We Here at Glass City Singles feels we have just that, where you can mingle, dance and party in the warm environment of Holland Gardens in a small town atmosphere.

It's the last dance party of the year and it always Gathers a super Fun and Happy crowd enjoying closing out the old and ringing in the new by meeting new people to spend it with. There’s no simpler and easy way then in the Circle and Snow ball dance mixers offer to you at each dance party.

This time around you will have the opportunity to learn a new line dance with our Guest Instructor Bob, he will be reviewing the Swamp Thang this Friday night, From 730pm - 8pm. Also, Jan will be decorating Holland Garden up like an electrifying new year's event.

We have sweeten the break, with a pot of gold, with a value of $150.00 in cool green cash to be raffle off at 913pm, also we have added three Free Gift Certificate and lots cute stuffed teddy bears.

This whole night offers you the Opportunity to do what 100's of other singles have done in the past, is to meet, mingle, socialize and dance the night away to top 40 music and your favorites spun by your two professional DJ's from 8pm till Midnight, at the fun place to be Holland Gardens, 6530 Angola Rd., Holland, OH. Where you will always find a Good Crowd, because, it's the place where singles come to meet!

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Here's an opportunity to learn the Swamp Thang with Guest Instructor Bob!

Our Guest Instructor Bob will be in on December 26th, instructing in a fun line dance called the Swamp Thang. From 730pm till 8pm, we will be doing this line dance later in the evening. It's Free so What Do You Have to loses!  


If you haven't been to Holland Gardens before.

Here's some of the reason to attend the dance at Holland Gardens. You will be able to enjoy, Out front well Lite complimentary parking, an upscale large ballroom, a large Hardwood dance floor, Complimentary snacks, super good Bose sound system, cash bar, all included in the $8.00 price.

How to get your $8.00 admission returned

We would like a chance to reward you with Free dance admission. Here's how you do it. Bring in someone you know that not a member and have them join for the first time, bingo you got it. Jan the cashier will refund your $8.00 admission fee.

Join Kathy's Dining Group as they meet On Thursday January 8, 2015 at The Seafood, 5504 Alexis Rd.

Be sure to join Kathy and her Dinning Group as they meet on the second and fourth Thursday of each month from 7pm till 9pm. It's an open to public event, no Reservation are required! 


This is my go-to-on-my-birthday place. I love the fish, I love the home fries and they have the best blue cheese dressing and croutons for their salad. Old fashioned bread basket with hot bread, crackers and bread sticks in assorted flavor. When you walk in the place, look at the menu and get your food, you are time warped back to the 1970s. But you know what? I don't care. Food is great, service is great

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This is real good opportunity for you to meet with your Friends in 2015

Glass City Singles, would like to offer you the opportunity to start the new year off with a bang. You will be spending a wonderful evening with a great group of positive singles that would love to have you as their friend.

This is for you ladies, if you attend wearing red, Jan will return one dollar of the admission price so you only pay $7.00 till 830pm. We offering other two positive things, it's a way to meet lots people at one time, we call it the circle and snow ball dance mixer.

You have an opportunity win some cash or discount Gift Certificate at 913pm break. You could also share this evening with a friend and invite them to become a new Glass City Singles Member which is free and Jan will refund your $8.00 admission price.

This night will give you a great start for a new year, at the safe and warm place to be Holland Gardens, 6530 Angola Rd., Holland, OH. Where you will always find a Good Crowd, because it's the place where singles come to meet!

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Save a Dollar on Jan Phrase Click Here  

As you can see this Phrase is good only at the First Dance of the Year on January 09, 2015

Glass City Singles is going to be putting Phrases in random EMAILS, be sure to check back for Jan's future phrases.  


Thanks for keeping the dance parties a fun place to be for everyone and we'll see you at Holland Gardens on Friday December 26th, to Pre New Year's Eve warm-up Celebration.

The staff and I, Would like to Welcome you back on Friday night December 26th at Holland Gardens.