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The Next Dance Party is our Wild Wild West Rodeo Cowboy
Night March 04th 8pm till Mid.

Wear your western Hat and be part of the crowd!

Come and join the singles group and grab some fun and improve your heath at the same time. This a night where can dress casual in your favorite western style outfit and be part of the wild, wild west, western rodeo night. (Dressing western is not MANDATORY.)

What comes in mind when you hear were hosting a Western Hoe-Down night? You know it's going to be a high energy boot stomping night of FUN! What's the driving force for a great time, the crowd reaches nearly 200 singles or more?

What else adds to the fun a chance to win at the intermission, meeting and chatting with everyone in the social mixers?

It's going to be wonderful time and happens on March 04th, at Holland Garden, 6530 Angola Rd., Holland, OH. Where you will always find a good Crowd, because it's the Place where Singles come to meet. (cost $8.00)

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On Vacation

As group we opt-out of scheduling any dances in February, because for the last four winters the weather has been really bad.

This going to be like a real vacation. In past 36 years, of Hosting the dance parties there hasn't been more than three weeks separating them.

This will give me some of needed time to work on other things. Plus, When the bad weather comes everyone will be safe. I sure will be glad to be back on the wild, wild western night, on March 04th. Be sure to join us then.

Belinda will be back instructing
on April 01 - 730pm - 8pm 

On Friday, April 01st, Belinda will be back. Details forth coming!

What you will enjoy Dancing
and Partying at
Holland Garden  

Here's some of the reason for attending the dance at Holland Gardens 6530 Angola Rd., Holland, OH. You will be able to enjoy, Out front well Lite complimentary parking, an upscale large ballroom, a large Hardwood dance floor, Complimentary snacks, super good Bose sound system, cash bar, all included in the $8.00 price.

Be sure to check-out the Dinning Group on Thursday February 11th, as they visit, Biaggi’s, 1320 Levis Commons. In Levis Commons.


Be sure to be part of Kathy and her Dinning Group as they meet on the second and fourth Thursday of each month from 7pm till 9pm. It's an open to public event,
No Reservation are required! 


Better Than Average. The summer squash ravs were a big hit with my wife and daughter. The chicken cannelloni were good, and the lasagna was nothing special (my wife makes much better). Good wine selection and great service. We tasted 3 wines before making our selection. Overall, considering the prices, service, and food, we rate this place as a strong OK. If you're looking for a GREAT Italian meal, keep looking.

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It's a March Madness Explosion
On Sunday Night
March 20th, 7pm - 11pm

Don't miss this March Madness Explosion on Sunday March 20th. So, "Get Your Green On" for a St. Patrick's Day Celebration. You will find yourself surrounded in a highly decorated room trimmed in green and white decor.

As we gear up for a high energy night at the comfortable Holland Gardens (Expected 200)! Each lady will receive seven shamrock Dollars, which she will give to each guy that ask her dance. The guy that collects the most shamrocks will win the special prizes of night.

This will happen at 913pm break, along with regular Raffle. So come in and meet, mingle and dance the night away to Top 40 music and your Favorites spin by your Professional DJ'S.

Enjoy the ultimate in icebreakers, the snow ball and circle dance mixers. On the large hardwood dance floor at Holland Gardens, 6530 Angola Rd., Holland, OH, from 7pm till 11pm.

Where you will always find a good Crowd, because it's the Place where Singles come to meet.) (cost $8.00)

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We hope you can join us on Friday March 04th 2016
from 8pm - Mid. Your Dance Party Hosts!
Jan, JP, Roxie, Georgetta and Jack.
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